The Projects

Our »bridge stones«

The challenges care leavers have to face are manifold. For this reason, there is no single solution for all. In our initiative we combine numerous projects that pursue different approaches.

Get to know our projects...

Drei junge Careleaver sitzen im Garten und schauen gemeinsam auf ein Smartphone

Kinder- und Jugendhilferechtsverein Dresden e.V.

Careleaver-Zentrum Dresden »House of Dreams«

The "House of Dreams" Careleaver Centre is the first community centre run by and for care leavers in Germany. It is largely managed by care leavers themselves and is located in Dresden, Saxony.

Jugendberufshilfe Thüringen e.V.

Careleaver-Zentrum Thüringen »CLZT«

To ensure sustainable positive changes and more equal opportunities, concrete support services for care leavers are needed – but also for the stakeholders who surround them. The CLZT therefore starts at different points. It supports Thuringian care leavers with counselling and advice but also trains professionals and advocates decision-makers.

Urban Souls e.V.

Careleaver* Kollektiv Leipzig

How can support services in Leipzig, Saxony, be better coordinated and sensitised to the specific concerns of care leavers? How can care leavers play an active role and represent their interests at the city level? The project Careleaver* Kollektiv provides the answers.

Eine Workshopteilnehmerin hockt vor einer Graffitiwand und sprüht das Wort CARE

Kompetenzzentrum Pflegekinder e.V.

Careleaving in der Pflegekinderhilfe

How can foster parents support the transition of care leavers and prepare themselves for it? Over 40% of children and youth in care are foster children. Little is known about their situation as care leavers. This is about to change with this project.

Jugendberufshilfe Thüringen e.V.

Übergangscoaching Kyffhäuserkreis

Care leavers in rural areas like Kyffhäuserkreis in Thuringia face very specific challenges. What do they do, when they don't have a driving licence and live in a remote facility which is hard to reach by public transport? How do they find support, social networks or reach their places of education? This project provides individual and mobile support for care leavers.

Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft gGmbH

»Zeig, was Du kannst!« – Leipzig

This proven program focuses on care leavers, who would like to achieve something in their lives, but still need a lot of support on their way to a vocational qualification. It supports 40 students from Leipzig during the transition from school to higher education.

Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung gAG

Careleaver Weltweit

Spending time abroad is almost commonplace these days. It starts with exchange programmes at school, a voluntary social year, a semester or an internship abroad. However, the requirements for an application are high and involve a lot of support from parents and family. Care leavers who want to go abroad can rely on the project Careleaver Weltweit.

Junge Careleaverin hält ein Bild mit einem selbstgemalten Herz in die Kamera

Many projects – One vision

Our common vision is the foundation of our »bridge stones«. Close cooperation and coordination between the seven Brückenstein partners who manage the projects allow a view of the bigger picture.

Our overarching projects...

Funded by Robert Bosch Stiftung

Digitale Plattform

Discovering digital solutions and developing them together with and for care leavers: that is the aim of the »Digitale Plattform« project, which is being implemented in cooperation with ORBIT Ventures GmbH and funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Careleaver seminar series

15 stories, 1 group of experts through experience, 3 weekends and lots of fun with time for exchange. This is what makes a Careleaver seminar series! All our partners can work with this successful, evaluated workshop format.

As a Collective Impact initiative we have overarching projects in which all Brückenstein partners are involved.


We build bridges across (inter)national borders. In this way, we promote the transfer of knowledge and the bundling of our concerns on a transnational level. We enable care leavers to access and participate in international experience, exchange and participate in building a community that extends beyond Germany.

Support of self-organisation

We support care leavers to become aware of their potential common strengths and political interests as advocates for themselves.

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