About Us

No letting go without providing support

Fair opportunities for everyone on the road to adult life:
Care leavers are entitled to the same opportunities as other young people to help shape our shared future.

Junge Careleaverin unterhält sich im Café und lacht Coaching zum Thema "18...und was nun?"
Junge Menschen mit Jugendhilfeerfahrung im Gespräch während des Careleaver-Fotoshootings

Our Projects

Offering mutually reinforcing activities in manifold fields

Together with our Brückenstein partners we test and develop different, coordinated approaches and offers. With the help of our projects, care leavers receive concrete support on finding accommodation, dealing with authorities or how to obtain (health) insurance. They can catch up on or continue educational qualifications, gain experience abroad and actively participate in social processes such as politics or interest groups.

We also support professionals who work with care leavers and are committed to ensuring that the concerns of care leavers are taken into account structurally.

Vier Careleaver unterhalten sich während des Graffitiworkshops in Berlin

Collective Impact

The future of social change

The method of »joint action« is based on recognising that complex social challenges cannot be solved by individuals, but require cross-sectoral cooperation between many organisations acting closely and in a coordinated manner. In this way, individual strengths are bundled. The projects of our Brückenstein partners have different focuses. The result is a comprehensive approach in which each partner can contribute their own strengths and learn from others. Brückensteine Careleaver is one of the first Collective Impact initiatives in Germany that is nationwide in scope and thus works on a supra-regional level.

Lived participation

Experts through experience

All our project partners empower care leavers in what they can do and what motivates them. Personal responsibility can only be assumed if care leavers can also actively participate in social life! That's why they are involved in our processes at all levels - in the planning of activities, as workshop speakers, peer consultants and in fundamental strategic decisions. By helping to determine and shape the initiative, they form a supporting pillar.

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Careleaver-Fotoshooting und Graffitiworkshop in Berlin

Our backbone organisation


Our coordination team

Brückensteine Careleaver is coordinated by Social Impact gGmbH. There is a separate team ensuring the cooperation of everyone in the initiative and supporting partners individually.

The Brückensteine team also initiates and coordinates overarching projects – such as joint conferences or the digital platform – and tasks such as public relations, so that social changes are achieved together. We're aiming to go beyond the individual projects and to give new impulses to solve the complex challenges care leavers face.

Brückensteine thus offers social investors a focal point through which they can engage in the topic area of Leaving Care in a coordinated and impact-oriented manner.

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Participate and…

Collaborate with us!

Everyone can make social change happen! You work with care leavers or are a care leaver? Or you fund projects in the field? Please get in touch if you are interested in a dialogue and international exchange. Many challenges faced by care leavers are global and not limited to specific countries – so is the potential for change!