Brückensteine Careleaver

Not leaving you alone

Our initiative is committed to improving the transition of young people with experience of youth welfare and foster care into their independent grown-up lives.

Zwei Freundinnen mit Jugendhilfeerfahrung

About us

Learn about our vision and what we do

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Portrait zweier Careleaver-Freunde im Botanischen Garten

The Dimensions

In 2019 there were 227.000 placements in Germany of children and adolescents in homes or foster families. This is probably the most intensive welfare intervention in the lives of young people. The majority have to move out at the age of 18 and are completely on their own without any family support.

In contrast to:
On average, young people in Germany only start their job training at the age of 19.9 and leave their parents' home at 23.7. 86% of students receive financial support from their parents.

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Die 10 Teilnehmer*innen des Careleaver-Fotoshootings posieren vor einer bunten Graffitiwand Coaching zum Thema "18...und was nun?"
Workshop des Careleaver-Zentrum Thüringen Sitzkreis

Our Projects

On these »bridge stones« we build

Our projects are called »Brückensteinprojekte«. This literally translates to bridge stone projects. Our projects are multifaceted – just like the challenges that care leavers face. Each project contributes to a better transition for care leavers – through individual support for care leavers, for their self-organisation or training for professionals. Each »Brückensteinpartner« contributes their strengths. In this way, a great whole is created: a bridge is built from bridge stones.

Careleaver der Digital Native Generation mit Smartphone und Earpods Sechs junge Careleaver blicken von einem Balkon hinunter Richtung Kamera
Briefpapier und Computer als Symbolbild für Kontaktmöglichkeiten

Participate and…

Collaborate with us!

Everyone can make social change happen! You work with care leavers or are a care leaver? Or you fund projects in the field? Please get in touch if you are interested in a dialogue and international exchange. Many challenges faced by care leavers are global and not limited to specific countries – so is the potential for change!